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A centralized hub of durian delivery Kuala Lumpur in providing one-stop solution ranging from durian plantation, orchard management, processing, distribution and international marketing. Our full-pledged of durian delivery is aiming to deliver fresh durian from newly harvested to the hand of durian lover with our express door to door service arrangement. We strive to become the best durian delivery Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia so you could enjoy durian with hassle-free.
Premium Quality Durians

Finest Durian Confections - curated by World Pastry Champion

Craving for durian desserts? Our durian confections are freshly made by using premium ingredients. Order online with Tip Top Durian to get an express same day delivery and available for pick-up too! Just sit back and enjoy the bitter-sweet flavours!
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Finest Durian


Our durian confections are made with premium ingredients with refined recipes curated by World Pastry Champion.
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Premium Durian

Our durian quality is guaranteed as it is straight from orchard and well managed by our durian specialist.

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Finest Durian

Our durian confections are made with premium ingredients with refined recipes curated by World Pastry Champion.

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Island-Wide Same Day Delivery

We support island-wide same day delivery. Simply place order at the comfort of your home and we will take care of the rest.

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Excellent Service

We strive to provide the best service to our customers as they are always our first priority!

Our Delivery Process

From Our Kitchen To Your Doorstep

Our team at Tip Top is committed to delivering your order island-wide within the same day. We do this while also ensuring that our products continue to meet the highest standards demanded by customers. Our handmade durian confections are hygienically packed the moment you place your order and delivered straight to you. No more travelling and hunting for durian confections! Order online now from the comfort of your home/office, and let us take care of the rest.

1. Select

Make your selection from our range of packages, and we’ll deliver your order within the same day.


2. Payment

Proceed to payment once delivery slot is confirmed. We accept online banking transfers and credit cards.


3. Delivery

Quality control at Tip Top ensures that all our durian confections are freshly made every day using premium ingredients before ending up at your doorstep. This is done to maintain the highest quality and best tasting desserts.


4. Feedback

Share your experience of Tip Top Durian Delivery with us to help us improve and provide you with an even better experience next time. Your feedback is much appreciated!

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Malaysia’s Premium Durian Confectionery

Experience the creamy textures, complex aromatics and intoxicating flavours of a variety of premium durians with Tip Top Durian. We created an online platform and perfected our durian delivery service to help cater to the needs of our customers who crave durians, but are restricted by the threat of Covid 19. This is also in line with our goal to become the Best durian delivery company in Singapore. Furthermore, our strict quality control in selecting only the best durians at the optimum time, allows us to share with the public the highest quality fruit from such durian species: Musang King, durian Red prawn, durian Tekka, durian XO, durian 101, durian Capri , durian Horlor D163, durian Khun Poh, durian Lipan, durian Green Skin, durian Ang Bak Kia, durian Aeroplane, durian D11, durian D14, durian D15, durian D15 and more.

In addition to our current selection, we at Tip Top Durian are expanding our product range to take full advantage of the magic of durians, to include even more unique and mouth-watering durian related products. Check out more about how we recreate durians in new and exciting ways for the benefit of our customers. Read our blogs and see our picture galleries and videos, and experience the quirks of durian obsession and culture with Tip Top Durian.