Follow the step mentioned below to smooth your buying process.

home page

1.When you browse our website, you may click on “SHOP” which leads you to our products as shown above.

shop page

2. You will see each product has the small icon of “add to cart, quick view, add to wishlist” which has its different function as shown above.

3. Let say we choose Tekka, click on the icon of add to cart, a shopping cart will display on the right side of the webpage. If you choose another product which is durian Musang King by clicking on the add to cart icon as well, you would see the updated shopping cart pop out again on the right side as shown above.

4. After done shopping, you could click on the “CHECKOUT” which lead you to the checkout page as shown above.

5. During the checkout, you need to fill in all the information and don’t forget to insert your bank payment slip in the selected button as shown above as it will not allow you to proceed place order.

6.Your order details such as the total of your order, price of subtotal and total, and shipping fee will be shown on the right hand side of this checkout page as shown above.

7. If you want to add or change the product quantity, you may go to the shopping cart icon located on the right side of LOGIN/REGISTER.

8. From there, you could adjust the quantity you like, as shown above image.

9. Or you could go to the “SHOP”, click on the product you preferred, it will lead you to a bigger picture of the product which you could adjust the amount as well, as shown in the image above.

10. Do remember to apply the coupon before proceeding to check out as circled in red as shown above. We always there to assist you if you have any questions.

11. Click on the product you preferred to proceed to the whole picture of the product as the arrow pointed above. You can adjust the quantity of product as shown above. A updated shopping cart will pop out on the right side of the page as shown above.

12.Click on the “CHECKOUT” to proceed to checkout page as shown above.

13. After you fill in all the information, tick the small as circled in red as shown above. Click on the pink button of “PLACE ORDER “.

14. After checkout, you will find your order number, email and total price and payment method. Our bank details will be shown as well.

15. Please scroll down and our order details will be shown below our bank details as shown above.

16.Scroll down, and you will find the billing address and shipping address. Your order considers being complete if you reached this page. 

Happy shopping with us! Thank you!