Follow the step mentioned to smooth your process.


1) When you are on the first page, click on the icon circled in red, which situated on the right side of the webpage.

2) When you click the icon, a white plate will pop out on the left, which has the list of choices for you to choose. Click on the “SHOP,” which will lead you to the shopping cart.

3) Browse the product you preferred. Click on the small icon beside the product image circled in red, as shown above the image.

4)After you click on the icon, a checkout of the shopping cart will pop out with information of subtotal and total of durian. Click on the “CHECKOUT” .

5)Once you click on the “CHECKOUT,” it will lead you to the checkout page. You are required to fill in all the details.

6) You are required to tick if you shiped to different address as circled in red as shown as above. Click on the “Choose File” for inserting the transaction slip.

7)Scroll down you will find out your product details with subtotal,total and shipping details. Below the product details you will find Tip Top Durian’s bank details.


8)Scroll down, and you will find our bank details is shown below your order details. Tick the small box if you agree to the term and condition. Click on the “PLACE ORDER” pink button as circled in red.

9)After you place your order, You will get an order number, total payment, and payment transfer.


10)Scroll down, and you will find our two bank details (bank and account number) will be shown to you like the image above.

11)Scroll down, and you will find your final order details, payment method, inserted file, and shipping fee, as shown in the image above.

12)Scroll down, and you will find the billing address and shipping address. Your order considers being complete if you reached this page.