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We also offer highly competitive wholesale cakes and mochi supply arrangements.
We are committed to deliver consistent, premium quality products that are made fresh daily with fine quality ingredients.


Fresh Durian

We have valuable experience and specialize in areas such as orchard management, optimum handling of fresh durians, and reliable customer service/support. With 5 GAP certified durian farms supplying Tip Top, we have the capacity to export very large quantities of premium quality durians.

Our Best Sellers

Musang King Burnt Cheesecake

Refined recipe curated by World Pastry Champion. Crunchy crust filled with rich durian cream cheese, made with real Musang King/Mao Shan Wang!

D24 Durian Mochi

Unlike most of the mochis in the market, our D24 durian mochi is made by 100% pure durian without adding any cream, flavoring & preservative. So addictive!

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